Focus on: il fungo Hericium

Focus on: the Hericium mushroom


Called Hericium Erinaceus it is found throughout the northern hemisphere in Europe,
in Asia and North America. It is a very rare mushroom; is edible,
and it is widely used in China and Japan in natural medicine for its properties
neurocicatrizants and for its benefits on the cognitive system.

Its Benefits

This mushroom is considered to all intents and purposes a medicinal mushroom, for the
its numerous beneficial effects on our body.
In particular:

  • Helps to rebalance the intestinal flora
  • It has a positive effect on stress, anxiety and melancholy
  • It protects neurons from some neurotoxic substances
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Do you want to taste it?

You can find it in porridge and Raspberry mug cake!

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